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Prevent & Repair Swimmer's Hair

With the Summer and Sun comes Pool season, which means a hopefully gorgeous tan and beautiful, post-swim beachy waves. Unfortunately for some, however, time in the pool can turn blonde tresses into a ewy-green sludge resemblance, that NO ONE wants. If you’re wondering how to prevent your hair from turning green after swimming, you’ve come to the right place. With proper preventative steps, it’s possible to keep your blonde as blonde as can be. If it’s already green, I’ve got some tips to get you back to fabulous!

Pool hair issues are not just a problem in the Summer, as so many people travel and seek out the Sun during the winter months as well. Therefore, I feel this information is great any time of year!

So why does the pool turn your hair green?? It’s the metals (minerals) in the water! Copper being the biggest culprit. The chlorine found in many pools oxidizes the metals which causes them to grab onto your hair leaving a greenish tint. Depending on the porosity of your hair, the green can GRAB and HANG ON for dear life!

To help PREVENT the green glow, here are a few tips that can help:

1. Start With Wet Hair
Before you even dive into the pool, make sure your hair is already wet. It’s best to soak your hair in the shower with a water filtering shower head to remove most metals from the water to begin with, but in a pinch you can soak your hair with tap water or even dunk your head under the garden hose. This pre-soak gives your hair a little filler so that the chlorine oxidated metals can’t hold on so tight.

2. Create a Better Barrier
Depending on how much you swim, it may also be a good idea to apply a leave-in conditioner all over your hair and tuck it up into a swimming cap. This combination will be a stronger barrier than your pre-swim rinse with plain water.
I suggest Colour Fanatic 21 Benefits by Pureology or Kevin Murphy Leave in Repair. Don’t glob it on too thick, you don’t want to pollute the pool either!

3. Wash After You Swim
This is perhaps the most important part of the process. Even if you are in a rush after your workout or on your way to your next pool party, you must shampoo and condition your hair right after you’re finished with your swim. Take special care with your conditioner to make sure you are really sealing in all the moisture that you can. The chlorine in pool water can really dry out your hair. A clarifying shampoo might also prove to be very helpful during this process.
My routine would include Malibu Swimmer's Wellness Shampoo for the first suds up, then Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo for the second suds, followed by a great hair mask like K18.

If you are already experiencing the lime highlights of summer lovin’ I’ve got you!

Start with a good clarifying shampoo. Either the Malibu Swimmer’s Shampoo I mentioned before, or maybe the Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo. After your hair is shampooed, you’ll want to use the Mini Malibu Rehab Swimmers Wellness 2 step system: One packet to reverse the damage and discoloration done by chemicals, one to restore lost proteins and moisture! Exclusive vitamin technology and 100% vegan, protein- and vitamin-packed formulations ensure the most powerful results.

I hope this helps!

Stay beautiful, my friends!
Your stylist formerly known as *Mickey*

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