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January 1, 2021

What Lies Ahead...

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Welcome to my first blog for Rebel Life Strategies!

This is something that was supposed to start in 2020… ya know… 2020.

Looking back at this past year (2020), I have to laugh.. and cry,… but then inevitably laugh again, because that’s what I do. I make light of things. Could be blessing... sometimes a curse - depends on your perspective I guess.

I remember how motivated I was going into 2020. I had just finished cancer treatments and was ready to get strong, get my business back on track, and get back to life as “normal”
I believe we are all finding that normal is relative and means different things to different people. I don’t feel normal right now, but then again, have I EVER felt normal? Normal can be boring. It's always better to be a bit.... off.

I had had a couple of rough years previous to 2020, so I guess laughter was the best choice to deal with the new crazy. I mean, I couldn't believe what was happening! In late 2017 I had contracted Hep-B which shut down my liver and practically killed me!! – But lived through it and got back on track in the Spring of 2019 only to be diagnosed with Triple Positive Aggressive Breast cancer. (right?!) I then went through surgery, chemo and radiation and am cancer free! I put it all behind me and charged forward into the new year!! 2020 – this is my YEAR, I said to myself, with the gusto of only a person of no foresight could have.

January first I had my 12 month wall calendar on the wall with all my GOALS written in INK (that's right! INK!!) – I was gonna work out, lose some weight, get healthy, pay off bills, go on a road trip and go to Las Vegas for the big Beauty Show! I started a membership at the YMCA, pre-reserved camping spaces for the year, and booked the Las Vegas trip. I was ready to ROCK once again!! Life was good. The bad was behind me. This was the little ant that could and I was marching forward, dammit!

I went out and bought a 1978 Holiday Rambler camping trailer and started fixing her up for the fun Camping Trips I had planned for Spring and Summer 2020!

Then March came…. And the RONA.
Oh. What’s this? Wait… you’re shutting down my business? I’m what? I’m non-essential??? But…but…but (I didn't like that word one bit!)

Then, within days, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with the exact same breast cancer I had just fought! Is this a joke? – This is NOT in my PLAN! I looked at my 12 month calendar... NOPE, not in the plan!

Watching my daughter go through a double mastectomy, chemo, radiation and reconstructive surgery all while she still cared for my 3 young granddaughters was so hard. Her husband’s job was gone as, he too, was deemed non-essential. (I assure you, he is very essential) Finances were tight.

I wanted to make it better. I wanted to help but giving any financial help to her was impossible as I deferred credit, auto and mortgage payments and watched my, once thriving Hair Salon, sit empty and dark.
I cried, I ranted and stomped my feet. I fell down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories trying to make sense of the senseless.

Eventually, the powers that be, allowed my business to re-open at limited capacity. I made changes to the business structure to keep it rolling, but at a zero net - but it's open.

Now it's officially 2021. We never could have imagined we would still be dealing with the RONA and all that comes with it.
It’s been a rough year! For EVERYONE! – but it was just another year and it’s in the past. Read that again: IN THE PAST! – It no longer can affect me. It’s done it’s worst. It can only get better from here!

I choose to be optimistic and move forward. So, what lies ahead?

Unlike some, I’m pretty good at compartmentalizing things in my life and only worrying when there is need to worry. If there is a problem that I cannot fix, I set it on the back burner and move forward with what I CAN manipulate to my ever-changing will! I circle around and get to things when it’s feasible. Worry ruins you. It ages you, it makes you sick and WAISTS VALUABLE TIME!
The Hep-B, just a bump in the road… The Cancer, came and went – no need to think on that another day .. My daughter is through her crisis and on the mend and feeling wonderful “check” – done!
The salon is back open, though at limited capacity, but the vaccine is out there, and things are going to be fine! – I’ll dig myself out of this financial cavern and be good as ever…Now back to the 12-month calendar on the wall. The plans for 2020 switched to 2021.
It was a year. It was a shitty year, but it’s not in the future. The future is good. It’s in the past. It’s no longer a problem.

I encourage you to sit down and look what lies ahead. Put the crap in the box behind you and move forward with wonder at amazement at all the things you can accomplish.

Write out some dreams for this year.
Then go back and break those dreams into monthly or semi-monthly goals with dates.
Then go back and break those goals into weekly goals with dates.
Then go back and break those goals into daily actions.
You’ve got this. WE’VE GOT THIS! – It’s a fresh start. It’s a new year. Turn off the news.

There. My first blog done. Check that box!
It wasn’t perfect. But it’s done.